Mark Morris

Territory Sales Manager

(580) 225-2575

Mark started working on oil rigs in 1988. His extensive experience running oil rigs and working on wells gives him a unique perspective that he brings to his role as Territory Sales Manager.

Mark loves selling Moran Equipment since it really sells itself. The people who make up the Moran team are the everyday hands, and they make the company run incredibly smoothly. Mark loves interacting with the Moran Equipment team, and he looks forward to seeing this team every day. He deals with each team member and client as an individual, and his personable interaction makes him a joy to work with for everyone.

Before joining Moran Equipment, Mark grew another company’s sales from $20K -$800K monthly, largely due to his interpersonal skills and great relationships.


“Our team does an amazing job, so it’s easy to sell what we offer. If anything breaks on location (and everything breaks eventually), our team is on it. Our quality of work is well-known. We are a company that prides itself on good relationships, and we work every day to deliver our best.” 

—Mark Morris